Our Team

The Five Monkeys:


We are the Five Monkeys! Probably you have heard about the three wise monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. In short, they are blind, deaf and mute. Well, as the five monkeys, not only are we blind, deaf and mute, but we are paralyzed and have no sense of humor either. In order to recover our senses, we decided to embark on a legendary journey (you know, the one no-sane-monkey has even done before). At the end of the journey a majestic mystical display awaits us. This majestic grand display will enable us to regain our long lost abilities. The legend being told in the jungle is that the magical display can teach us to move, see, hear, laugh, and even speak! Can you imagine that? So here we are, grouped as 5 scared but yet willing monkeys: Jan, Max, Jörg, Alwin and Viktor, we will attempt to undertake the upcoming quests and face the challenges on our journey to the magical display…

Jörg Sablottny: 

Hi, I’m 24 and a student in the field of computer engineering at the TU Berlin.  I’m currently in the 3rd semester of my master’s degree.  I enjoy projects involving the human body or human interaction in general. I have a quite good experience in programming with Java, C# and Ruby, including Android development and networking applications. In my free time I enjoy music by playing electric guitar and piano.


I’m 28 years old and currently enrolled for the master’s degree program in computer science at TU Berlin. I have some experience in working on different Java- and Web-related projects and also attended some courses in human computer interaction, which were more related to mobile devices. My interest in working with motion sensing devices and public displays is why I’m attending this project.


Hi, my name is Alwin. I’m 26 years old and currently I’m pursuing my master degree in computer science at the TU-Berlin.  I used to spend a lot of time playing World of Warcraft (for those of you who didn’t, you were missing out 🙂 ) but nowadays I spend more time doing uni-related works and browsing bike forums to seek an opportunity to spend more money on stuff I don’t need on my bike. Within this project I hope I can contribute my strength to the group and that my weakness can be covered by the strength of the others. I look forward to creating something impressive with the other four monkeys! So here’s to banana, cheers !

Max Werner:

Hey, my name is Max I’m 25 years old and I study computer engineering master at the TU Berlin.I did my bachelor in electronic systems at the Beuth university of applied science.
Beside my studies I work for Siemens as a working student. I have good programming experience in Java but also in C and Perl. Due to the fact that I usually program software for machine to machine communication I’m motivated to develop an application where human users can interact with it.

Viktor Miruchna:

As one of the 5 Monkeys I will try to support us with motivation, creativity and planning.  I am a Banana Tree Planer ( so called Industrial Engineer in the humans world). I can be easily motivated for challenges and fun projects and ready to plan some Banana Trees 🙂

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