Software Prototype

Happy New Year !

The last three weeks were consisted of two-weeks-holiday. It was definitely the most beautiful and loveliest time of the year25e77f73917418ade59c1f87f72dbdad-d39144t where each monkey looks back at the last 365 days he/she spent in the jungle and remembers all the ups and downs he/she went through. It was also the time where most monkeys, simple-mindedly following the footsteps of others, would make empty promises for the new 365 days without any real glimpse of hope to actually keep these promises halfway through the new year.

Nevertheless, we had a little bit of fun, some laughs, quite loud fireworks, and a lot of drinking (naturally, drinking for us only involves the utmost delicious banana juices). It was not until last week that we realized about our journey that has not yet reached its end, which led us to some panic and agitation. However, Jan, being the hero as he always has been, reminded us that he has meditated a lot and reached an enlightenment in the fuzzy world of Processing. Thus, he calmed us down but it was a little bit too late. Banana slipAlwin, being too agitated and stupid as he always has been, slipped on a stinking banana peel, knocked over a big pile of coconuts and rolled down the slopes into the mud. In this chaos, Alwin broke his left arm and had to stay in the jungle-shaman’s house for the rest of the week 😦.

Software Prototype

Obviously we have to slow down the pace of our journey due to the poor monkey. So, we decided to implement not the full software prototype like we did with the paper prototype but rather, we concentrated on the basic game-play of our application idea. Some aspects of the game-play we implemented are the user-tracking through by the device lent to us (shout-out to the council for that), basic movement of the King Kong, as well as harmful objects that would knock Kong’s points out. And so we managed to let King Kong starts having a bit fun in the town..


The mighty Kong roars happily as he stomp the ground and the building starts shaking and collapsing.

softwarePrototype1However he should avoid falling harmful objects (which are simple rounded objects for the meantime). Prototype is prototype eh..


Kong definitely is having fun, easily recognizable from his facial expression. Look at how he parades by pounding his bare chest!



As per usual, the ritual started at every end of our journey-week. If credits were not given properly, the monkeys would go insane and start throwing hard shelled fruits at each other, so to avoid that, here are the credits:

↔↔ Alwin ↔↔ managing the blog (with the one hand he could use)

↔↔ Jan ↔↔ being the Processing guru and doing the hardest part (user tracking and Kong’s movements)

↔↔ JΓΆrg ↔↔ dealing with the harmful objects (animation, speed, effects on Kong)

↔↔ Max ↔↔ animating the collapsing building (stomping event)

↔↔ Viktor ↔↔ delivering us all kind of images we required (editing, layering, etc.)


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