Paper Prototype

This week is an interesting week. Mostly because we get to bedetermination artist-monkeys to create what is called paper prototype. In a nut shell, we are creating the very first prototype of our King Kong idea using papers, some accessories (scissors, paperclips, post-its), as well as some creativity and determination! Naturally, it was not easy for monkeys to find such materials for our prototype (can you imagine a monkey walking into a store, grabbing some paperclips and trying to trade them with bananas?), so we would be grateful if you show some appreciation (a very subtle hint: you could leave nice comments down below or send us some bananas over *wink wink*)


Before we start our artistic works right away, we had to think about what scenario we would build the prototype for. Due to the basic factengagingvs.annoying1 that we are extremely diligent (and intelligent) monkeys, we decided to build the prototype that would describe the whole scenario of a user interacting with our King Kong application idea. This involves the starting screen of our application which aims to engage potential users. We also had to keep in mind that too much engagement could result in annoyance and obviously we would like to avoid that.

After a successful engagement, we would show the users the screen where he/she could choose a desired difficulty-level (we still have an open discussion on how this process could be integrated better into the app, i.e., the simple easy-medium-hard *boooooringg* or associating it with different world choices: small apartment building – castle – great wall of China *who could say no to this?!*).

Next step is showing the users the main playing field where Kong stands in front of a building and starts stomping away on the ground. Actually this step is also a critical step where we were thinking about building a small tutorial for the users without disrupting the user from playing the game (dynamic game tutorial which does not pause the game, does not treat the users like they never played a game before, as well as the kind of tutorial that can be easily understood. A good example is the tutorial of the game Temple Run 2). Moreover, we would also include some snick snacks such as power-ups (bananas), power-downs (toilet seats), as well as score bar and time-remaining bar into the prototype. Other screens that we would build into prototype is the high score screen.

We hoped that through this paper prototype, we would be able to gather even more valuable insights into what our potential users desire and how they would prefer it, e.g., if they have difficulties at the difficulty-level choosing screen, we could ask where the problem was and how did the user imagine it should have been.

Le Prototype

And so our paper-prototype is slowly coming into reality. After hard works, we finally managed to bring the first prototype of our idea into this world! Here are some pictures, first off the “screen” where everything shall be displayed:

ScreenAs you can see, it does not look that fancy (yet). However, once we install some building backgrounds into it…

Building1Building2 Building3 Building4

Coupled with the engaging screen, difficulty level-selection screen, the mighty King Kong, some fancy power ups as well as obstacles, you will be looking at a fine paper prototype:

PrototypeInAction1 PrototypeInAction2 PrototypeInAction3 PrototypeInAction4  PrototypeInAction5 PrototypeInAction6PrototypeInAction7(You can also watch this in action!)

Ops, sorry, I forgot to mentioned that the one monkey whose job is to create the building prototype could not attend the monkey meeting that’s why you only see those black and white building instead of fancy colored one. Granted this is not yet a polished prototype, for example, we could still build the small tutorials (Post-Its) but as a rough paper prototype, we have managed not bad.

Since this paper prototype represents the whole game scenario, from beginning (engaging screen) up till the end (high score screen). We are happy to be able to present to other monkeys and watch their interactions so that we may better judge if our design idea is quite what the monkeys were expecting or not.


So, it is late and before the monkeys start throwing papayas at each other, credits shall be given where it is due:

♣♣ Alwin ♣♣ Creating the building prototype & managing the blog.

♣♣ Max ♣♣ Creating the screen prototype.

♣♣ Jörg ♣♣ Creating the King Kong prototype, including power ups & power downs.

♣♣ Jan ♣♣ Since Jan is our master programmer, he is already planning for the future and trying to track down how we could implement our King Kong idea using Processing.

♣♣ Viktor ♣♣ Creating the engaging screen & high score screen.scary

Next week, we shall present our paper prototype to the council and see their judgements. Wish us luck! The council is scarrryyy~~

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