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Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with the figures above: it is a Mind Map, which is mainly used for brainstorming process. Brainstorming process is defined as “a group or individual creativity technique by which efforts are made to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its member(s)” (Wikipedia: Basically, every group member sketch/write/draw any project-idea that he/she can think of on a sheet of paper.

During the process of brainstorming, we came up with at least three ideas for potential applications that we want to develop. Nevertheless, we are still unsure if the idea we came up with can really be implemented (due to programming efforts, or technological barriers). However, that matter is not a part of the brainstorming process.

The ideas we came up with involve solely games that are aimed to make the players look silly but still encourage them to play because of the fun factor. Here are some of the ideas we conjured.

1. King Kong in Town


It is Christmas time and instead of Santa Claus, the town is visited by a
gorilla! The gorilla is trying to have fun in the town but unfortunately,
due to his lack of experience, the gorilla doesn’t really know how to have
fun except by stamping his giant fists on to the ground and watch the town
folk yell and throw stuffs at him. Little did the gorilla know, that fruits
thrown at him can be eaten and thus increases his size (and power)!
Moreover, from time to time little gorillas may show up to have fun

Aside from fruits, the town folk might also throw some items that could
affect the poor gorilla in a negative way. For instance when alcohol comes
into play, the gorilla will get dizzy, or when a 60 pound cooking pan hits
the poor gorilla, he might be knocked out for a while.

Nevertheless, the fact that players are acting like gorillas in front of a
big screen will ensure colossal laughs in the room, not only for the
players themselves but also (and perhaps, more importantly) for the
viewers. The multiplayer aspect rounds up the game to be a big hit in a

2. River Swimmer


This is the game where trained arms are tested. The player got drifted in a
river with fierce streams. Naturally, there are obstacles implemented in
the game to make the life harder for the players, such as tree banks,
rocks, even crocodiles or a swarm of angry beavers (who are always
aggressive towards humans without any clear reason). Players have to keep
in mind at all time that there is physics involved (even in games), which
means that swimming strokes are not as effective in dangerous streams in
comparison to calm water.

Increasing difficulty results in even more fierce streams and more hungry
crocodiles as well as more angry beavers. If you are looking for a way to
kill off some time which also demands sweats, then you are standing in
front of the right display!

3. Eating Contest


Now tell me who doesn’t love eating. For most of us, eating is an
entertainment, an enjoyment to refresh ourselves from the daily routines.
For others, eating is an act of art. For few of us, eating is a
competition! Well, here you get to test your skill against fast flowing
food through some sort of assembly line (yes, it is as hardcore as it
sounds). You should keep in mind though that not everything that you eat is
good for your health! Moreover, food will go stale if not eaten in proper
time manner.

With every minute goes by, the assembly line will be busier and busier.
Thus, forcing the food to flow much faster and this is where dexterity and
accuracy are demanded!

4. Bubbles


The name “Bubbles” is the best way to sum up this game. The player has the task to pick up bubble stones from the ground and propel them towards the already-stacked-up bubble stones on the ceiling according to the bubble colours. Five or more bubble stones with the same colour will explodes, leaving some power ups from time to time.

Multiplayer is naturally a part of this game where the players will compete against each other by clearing out their own bubble stones as fast as possible while annoying their opponents by throwing bubble stones to their ceiling. Maximum fun guaranteed!

5. Penalty Soccer

penaltyImagine the Olympia Stadion in Berlin, tickets were sold out and you are the only one standing on the green. Just in front of you lies a ball, further forward stands a goal keeper and behind him, the goal. The crowd is shouting, screaming cheering for you. Your legs are itching. The only thing left for you to do now is to put the round thing in the square box.

This time the player is a soccer star aiming for the golden goal. I think enough has ben said! Just try to beat the high score by scoring as many goals as you can!

6. Balancing Board

balancingThe balancing board is a skill game in which the user controls a movable board by tilting his upper body to move the rolling ball to a certain determined hole on the board.

The stronger the body is inclined, the greater the board will be tilted which results in a greater acceleration of the rolling ball. Players should watch out for the “black holes” though because if the ball fell into one of these holes, the game would be over.
The coordination in the game is done only by the means of upper body. There are various difficulty levels to measure your skills.

Naturally, there is no age restriction on this game. So anyone is invited to take up the fight with the rolling ball!

7. Doctor Bibber

bibberA car crashes into a tree and its driver got smashed through the front window. Now he is lying on the street with very vague vital signs and you are the only one who can save his life.

In this game the player is an emergency doctor who is equipped with defibrillator, various kinds of medicine and other medicinal equipment. However the time is running out. You have to keep a cool head while acting as fast as you can. Use the equipments you have properly and efficiently. The higher the level the more critical the condition of the patient and thus the less time you have to save him. It’s a race against time!


So, afterwards, each member presents his/her ideas to the group and explaining what he/she is aiming for. Then comes the voting part, where every group member has a limited number of votes (3 votes in our case) he/she can cast on the idea that he/she prefers.

Following is the result of our voting session:Voting

Well, apparently every monkeys in our group is excited to meet a real species in our family, the legend, the undefeated (the movie is fake!), the majestic, the glorious…..

King Kong


Now that we have decided on the application, the next step for us is to define personas (i.e., the target audience, or, in our case, the target players, who are going to be using/playing our application), and so we came up with an idea of personas we are targeting: Mainly the kind of person who has self confidence and who is not afraid to act silly for the laugh of the audience, you know, the kind of guy whom everyone prefers to have in a party. Here’s a picture to sum up the persona:

Persona Funkey Monkey


One last question remaining: Which monkey was involved in what kind of monkey-business? Here’s the alphabetical-name-ordered breakdown:

Alwin: Monkey-Brainstorming, describing and explaining the ideas (“King Kong in Town“, “River Swimmer“, “Eating Contest“, “Bubbles“), populating the monkey-blog with our monkey-ideas, and managing the blog.

Jan: Monkey-mind-mapping, monkey-brainstorming.

Jörg: Monkey-mind-mapping, monkey-brainstorming, describing and explaining the idea (“Balancing Board“), populating blog with first ideas (project pictures, structure), managing blog

Max: Monkey-brainstorming, describing and explaining the ideas (“Doctor Bibber“, “Penalty Soccer“).

Viktor: Personas description and creation.

That’s it for this week. Monkeys signing out.

Peace and Bananas!

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